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About RubiTrux

RubiTrux is located in Boone, North Carolina. About an hour and 45 minutes from Greensboro and two hours north of Charlotte, Boone has always been known for its beauty, charm, and tranquility as well as the Blue Ridge Parkway and mountains. Just minutes from Blowing Rock we are truly located in the heart of the High Country in an area that offers numerous opportunity for recreation, shopping, and more close by.

RubiTrux specializes in new turn key and used Jeep conversions with no project too small or too large; for over 20 years we have been offering customized and lifted Wranglers built to specification and are now proud to offer the newest models in the Jeep off-road line. The Wrangler JL is a refined SUV that offers all the off-road capabilities you have come to expect from the Jeep heritage paired with forward thinking conveniences that most consider must have in a new model vehicle. The Gladiator JT is a highly customizable truck that offers all the user assets of a Wrangler with the added benefit and usability of a pickup truck with both the best-in-class towing and the best-in-class payload capacity; rated at 7,650 pounds for towing and 1,600 pounds for payload the all new Gladiator is a one of a kind vehicle. With over 400 HEMI swaps completed in Wranglers and Gladiators since 2015, quality engine and performance modifications are what set us apart from other Jeep customization and specialty shops around the country. If you are interested in an SRT 6.4L HEMI or 6.2L Supercharged Hellcat conversion we are happy to add the conversion to any of the Wranglers or Gladiators you see for sale or we can order a vehicle to your specification and build from that base to your designated dream SUV or truck. Our staff is available for consultation in the design process from beginning to end to ensure the vehicle you receive is to your expectation as well as built to our standard. We also offer and can source vehicle delivery to your home to assist in the overall coordination of your new vehicle purchase.

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